Sunday, April 1, 2012

OCP JP (SCJP) Exam Experience

I recently cleared OCP JP (SCJP) 1.6 Exam. Here I am sharing my experience from preparation to exam.

I complete preparation in 25 Days and every day 3 hours. I read "Kathy Sierra" book twice and run each and every example for each topics. I also purchased simulator from . I given the test provided by Whizlabs OCP JP (SCJP) 1.6 Simulator. Finally I given exam on 19/Mar/2012 and cleared OCP JP (SCJP) 1.6 Exam.

I also prepared one Excel file which I generally used while preparation.

All the material I used in Exam, you can get that from following URL.

The following Material includes.

1. Kathy Sierra - EBook & Excel preparation file.

2. Whizlabs OCP JP (SCJP) 1.6 Simulator Cracked.

Please feel free to contact me regarding OCP JP (SCJP).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Send Unlimited Free SMS Through GPRS & Internet in India

If You want to Send SMS Through Internet or GPRS , You can do using following websites.

1. , GPRS & Internet with Contact Book.
2. , Internet with Contact Book.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Error in Oracle on Win XP SP2

If You Are Getting Error at StartUp Then Following Are The Steps To Remove That Error.

1. Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Open Services.
2. Right Click on "OracleStartORCL" From The List.
3. Click On Properties.
4. Set StartUp Type to "Manual".

Now Error is Removed From The StartUp.

Now How To Run The Oracle

Goto Start Menu > Personal Oracle8 for Windows NT > Start Database.

Now You Can Use The Oracle Without Error at StartUp.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

How to Change MAC Address

This is Very Simple and no need to install Software. Just Follow the Steps.

(For Win XP , Not Sure for Other Opearation System)

1. Go to Network Connection.
2. Opne Eatnernet Card Properties.
3. Click on "Configure" Button in "General".
4. Click on "Advanced".
5. Click on "Netword Address" from "Property" List.
6. Now Enter New MAC Address in "Value" Text Box Near "Property" list.

MAC Address is Changed.

Check MAC Address.

1. Open Command Prompt (DOS).
2. Type 'ipconfig /all' then press Enter.
3. You can See MAC Address is Changed.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Can we give the output of a cell in another Excel File in Network ???

Yes , that is done by giving the address of source excel file in the destination file , as following:


='\\\Software (D)\[book1.xls]abc1'!$A$1

“\\” is the Another Computer IP Address.
“\Software (D)” is the D Driver of the H.D.D. .
“\[book1.xls]” is the file name.
”abc1” is the name of the Sheet name of Source File.
“$A$1” A is the Column Address & 1 is the Row Address.


We can give the Network path also in the Excel Cell.
We can give more than one address in a single file from different files.


It is Possible that the Cell Value can not Update when Destination file is open.

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